Baysha, Olga: On a universal civilizational condition and the impossibility of imagining a better world

Brezeanu, Ioana Virginia: Romanian Dacianism and the production of a “vernacular modernity” in the context of the Europeanization process

Buehring, Lisa: Western narratives of male ageing: The Expendables and The Expendables 2

Chmiel, Piotr: Why did the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth not belong to the West? Reflections of contemporary authors on Central Europe and its relations to the West

Dubrovskaya, Tatiana: Constructing ‘the West’ in Russian foreign policy discourse

Gelbhardt, Lisa: In search of the Western Self in India

Gornisiewicz, Arkadiusz: Divided West in Carl Schmitt’s international thought

Guzelipek, Yiğit Anıl: Turkey’s struggle with modernism: Elite’s enforcement or self-Westernization?

Hong, Chulki: Translating the concepts of representation Daihyo (代表) and Daiki (代議) in the late 19th century Japan

Jiang, Rixin: “The West” in “the East”. Representation of the concept of the West in contemporary Chinese media

Kallius, Annastiina: “Vote yes to stay in Europe” – mobilization of the concept of the West in Hungary

Kaniowski, Andrzej Macie: Ambiguity of the West and contemporary challenges for politics and education

Korhonen, Pekka: The West as seen from the far away East

Kozma, Tamás: Understanding the “West” in European energy dynamics: Case study of hydrocarbon resources of the Caspian Sea Basin

Kuldova, Tereza: Transnational outlaw motorcycle clubs and the ideas of the West

Lavallée, Marie-Josée: The topos of the crisis of the West in postwar German thought

Mikander, Pia & Noora Kotilainen: The concept of West in times of conflict

Miyake, Toshio: Beyond the ‘West’ and the ‘East’: towards critical Occidentalism studies

Nasser-el-Dine, Sandra: Arab youth Occidentalisms. Images of the West and the negotiation of gender relations in Syria and Jordan

Nay, Eric: Framing settler colonialism through modern architecture, Le Corbusier and the West

Polynczuk-Alenius, Kinga: ‘West’ and ‘North’: Metageography in ethical trade communication

Rejniak-Majewska, Agnieszka: West and the rest: global art world and negotiating the terms of cultural exchange

Ristivojevic, Dusica: China’s West. Media, gender, and China’s repositioning in the modern world order

Satir, Bilgesu: Western culture and traditions on Laisizm versus orientalism

Stocchetti, Matteo: Re-constructing the West: Beyond the prophecies of globalization

Suuronen, Ville: The conservative concept of the West: A critical perspective to Carl Schmitt´s political thought

Swerdlyk, Sara: Is there a ‘waiting room of history’ in Europe? The West, Eastern Europe and the anthropology of Roma

Turunen, Johanna: Postcolonial Europe? Modernity, imperialism and heritage in the EU

Vuorelma, Johanna: The West and the global politics of empathy