Call for Papers for an edited volume – Extended deadline October 18, 2019

The West Network held in June 2019 its Second International Conference, «The End of Western Hegemonies?». A volume gathering chapters inspired from the papers presented at the conference is in preparation. The volume will also welcome other contributions.

The book will focus on political and cultural challenges to Western hegemonies. Contributions examining contestations from the perspective of the non-Western world are welcome. Chapters dealing with democracy in non-Western contexts are especially encouraged. Submitted papers must not have been previously published (including in another language).

*Potential authors must be Ph.D. holders and affiliated to a university.

Please note that submissions will be peer-reviewed and must be carefully prepared.

Submissions must contain (please send all documents in Word format) :

1) A short abstract of the planned chapter clearly stating the topic, hypothesis, main arguments, methodological approach and sources + a list of 5-6 keywords (1/2 page – ¾ page).

2) A detailed preview of the planned chapter (5-6 pages) including references and footnotes.

Please also include:

3) In a single file:
(page 1) Identification : Name, job title, affiliation, institutional address, work phone number, home address, home phone number, e-mail address
(page 2) Short biography mentioning professional information relevant to the publication (as previous publications, teaching/research experience)

4) A short cv (2-3 pages max.).

Please send all material by September 30 to the attention of Marie-Josée Lavallée at
No submissions will be considered afterwards.

Potential authors will be notified after the peer-review process will be completed and once the selection of papers will have been made by the editor and the publisher (around 2-3 months). Authors will be allowed six months for the preparation of their chapter (8000 words).

Marie-Josée Lavallée
University of Montréal, Canada
Coordinating team, the West Network

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